Gender Outlaws

Gender Outlaws is a group of transgendered / gender variant people based in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

Members come together from all over the West Kootenays, including Grand Forks, Trail, Rossland, Castlegar, Argenta, Kaslo, and the Slocan Valley, to discuss issues regarding gender variance and our personal experience with it.

The group is open to all gender variant people, including but not limited to those who identify as transgender, ftm, mtf, butch, cross dresser, trans, tranz, transman, transwoman, transsexual, intersex, intersexual, genderqueer, two-spirited, inbetween, cross-gender, intergender, third sex, boychick, sissy boy, transfag, passing woman, tomboy, polygender, he/she, and anyone who is seriously questioning their gender and how they fit into social definitions of gender.

We are largely a support/social group, but we do some activism and outreach work to increase public awareness around gender issues. Also, we are working to compile information useful to gender variant people, such as names of trans-friendly doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and community workers that gender variant people may have to deal with. We meet twice a month in Nelson, BC. – 2nd and 4th friday of each month.

We talk, we share information, we laugh, we watch videos, we go bowling, we have barbeques. We have created a safe space for ourselves, where we can interact simply as ourselves, where we can be seen for who we each are, instead of being seen only as freaks.

If you would like to come to our meetings, or if you need information about resources available to you as a gender variant person or about resources available to you as a professional who is or might be working with gender variant people, please contact us at     (250)354-5362 |