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Welcome to Kootenay Transgender!

Our website has information on a variety of programs and groups advocating transgender and gender variant folks in the East & West Kootenay regions of BC. This site is a portal to Trans Connect, Gender Outlaws and a blog for all things trans relative to the Kootenays.

An important part of our mission is to encourage folks from all over the Kootenays to feel free to contact us for information. What is it like for you? Wherever you live, we will try to help find resources and support for your journey. Contact us through our contact form.

We are 100% confidential and have many years of experience – so don’t hesitate. Even if your inquiry is to say that you have no idea where to start. Well, you are here, at the beginning. Start now! Just say hello, we need your support & encouragement too.

Feel free to join us on our Facebook Group if you want to shout out.